National Geographic June 1969


Americans Afoot in Rumania
To meet the people of his forefathers’ homeland, the author and some of his friends backpack through the Carpathian Mountains in a nation living under communist rule.
New Florida Resident, the Walking Catfish
Runaway from a tropical fish dealer in Boca Raton, Florida, the land- adapted catfish from Asia has spread into the surrounding area, threatening Florida’s freshwater ecology.
Europe, a Restless Continent Remapped
Dramatic changes in Europe in the past century are clarified in the new Society map, a supplement to this issue.
Unsinkable Malta { Democracy’s Fortress: Unsinkable Malta}
An inviting sheltered anchorage in the mid- Mediterranean, Malta has drawn a parade of invaders, all of whom left their mark on the island nation.
Deerfield Keeps a Truce With Time
A 300- year- old village in western Massachusetts preserves the story of a massacre and historic homes, and takes pride in an academy for boys noted for its excellence.
Priceless Relics of the Spanish Armada { Ireland’s Rugged Coast Yields Priceless Relics of the Spanish Armada}
A Belgian diver studied accounts of the Spanish ships that wrecked off Ireland in 1588, then located the watery grave of the warship Girona and brought up the greatest cache of Armada relics yet found.

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