National Geographic June 1935


The Society’s New Map of Africa { The National Geographic Society’s New Map of Africa}
National Geographic Society President Gilbert Grosvenor announces a new map of Africa and outlines the continent’s history and natural wonders.
Studies Planned for New Stratosphere Flight with Helium
The National Geographic Society announces an historic balloon flight. For the first time a stratosphere flight will be made with helium, rather than with the potentially explosive hydrogen.
Rhodesia, the Pioneer Colony: In the Land of Sheba’s Gold and Rhodes’ Diamonds Emerge Model Towns and Modern Mines
In the land of Sheba’s gold and Rhodes’s diamonds, model towns and modern mines emerge.
Life’s Tenor in Ethiopia: Africa’s Land of Early Christianity Now Yields Minerals for Modern Industry
Everyday life in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, has improved over the years. The Ethiopian government has upgraded the country’s roads, hospitals, education and economy.
Fez, Heart of Morocco: Africa’s Imperial City Retains Its Teeming Streets, Cluttered Shops, Glamorous Moorish Homes and Mosques, Amid the Peace of French Rule
Barely changed for over 500 years, Africa’s Imperial City, retains exotic Islamic architecture and charm and is the cultural heart and religious center of Morocco.
My Domestic Life in French Guinea: An American Woman Accompanies Her Husband, a Swiss Geologist, on His Explorations in a Little- Known Region
An American woman describes the customs of everyday life in an isolated West African village.

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