National Geographic June 1929


California, Our Lady of Flowers
Donning her party dress every spring, the verdant Golden State incites many visitors to relocate, lured by the breathtaking mountains, towering sequoias, and masses of wildflowers.
On the Wings of the Wind: In Motorless Planes, Pilots Ride in Flying- Fox Fashion, Cruising on Upward Air Streams and Lifted by the Suction of Moving Clouds
Gliders, or sail planes, allow eager pilots of all ages and abilities to experience firsthand the thrill of soaring aloft and the physics of air currents.
The Desert Road to Turkestan: Twentieth Century Travel Through Innermost Asia, Along Caravan Trails Over Which Oriental Commerce Was Once Borne from China to the Medieval Western World
The author embarks on a 1, 600- mile adventure over ancient trade routes as a member of a Chinese caravan.
Mr. Coolidge Becomes a Member of The Society’s Board of Trustees
A longtime supporter of the Society’s mission to diffuse geographic knowledge, former President Calvin Coolidge joins the Board of Trustees.

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