National Geographic July 2005


Deadly Jellyfish of Australia { In Search of the Deadly Jelly; Stingers}
In Search of the Deadly Jelly Australia’s beachgoers are safer from lethal box jellyfish because of him, but researcher Jamie Seymour is no unstung hero. He has the scars to prove it. BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL A. SUTHERLAND
Tapping the Rockies { All Fired Up: Tapping the Rockies}
Tapping the Rockies Demand for natural gas and the resulting land- use pressures are pitting America’s Old West against the New. BY JOHN G. MITCHELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOEL SARTORE
China’s Great Armada
China’s Great Armada Six centuries ago a towering eunuch named Zheng He commanded the Ming dynasty’s fleet of immense trading vessels on expeditions ranging as far as Africa. BY FRANK VIVIANO PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL YAMASHITA
Bitter Days for Chechnya { In Focus: Chechnya: How Did It Come to This? }
Bitter Days for Chechnya The mountains of the Caucasus separate Europe from Asia. Religion, politics- and a decade of war- separate the region’s embattled people. BY ANDREW MEIER
Mars: The Little Rovers That Could { Report From the Red Planet; Making a Splash on Mars}
Report From the Red Planet More than a year after their predicted demise, NASA’s Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity keep going, and going. .. . BY CHARLES W. PETIT
The Stem Cell Divide { Stem Cells: How Far Will We Go; The Power to Divide}
The Stem Cell Divide Embryonic stem cells may someday help doctors treat ills from paralysis to diabetes. But science must contend with politics before that hope can be realized. BY RICK WEISS PHOTOGRAPHS BY MAX AGUILERA- HELLWEG, M. D.
20812: It’s Only a Paper Moon { Glen Echo Pops Up; ZipUSA: 20812; ZipUSA: Glen Echo, Maryland}
ZipUSA: 20812 Though its amusement park is long gone, Glen Echo, Maryland, has kept its sense of fun- and its carousel too. TEXT AND ART BY CAROL BARTON PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL BROWN

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