National Geographic January 2006


Who’s Winning in Iraq { The Kurds in Control}
Who’s Winning in Iraq The Kurds maybe the only group powerful enough to keep Iraq from tearing itself apart. But who says that’s what they want? BY FRANK VIVIANO PHOTOGRAPHS BY ED KASHI
Genocide Unearthed { Genocide and the Science of Proof}
Genocide Unearthed Forensic investigators are assembling grim evidence of mass murders during Saddam Hussein’s regime. BY LEWIS M. SIMONS
Our Grandest Canyon { The Grandest Canyon; Grand Canyon; The Unexpected Canyon: Grand Canyon}
The Grandest Canyon It’s the most iconic of American landscapes, yet the Grand Canyon still has the power to surprise. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
ZipUSA: Mockingbird, Alabama { 36460: To Catch a Mockingbird; ZipUSA: 36460; ZipUSA: Monroeville, Alabama}
ZipUSA: 36460 To Kill a Mockingbird isn’t just a novel set in Monroeville, Alabama. It’s the town’s obsession. BY CATHY NEWMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
The Mighty Mantid { Praying Mantids; Mantids; Mantids: Armed and Dangerous}
Praying Mantids These ferocious insects are masters of disguise, outwitting their prey ( if not always their predators) . TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK W. MOFFETT
Arctic Hunters on Thin Ice { Living on Thin Ice; Ice Hunters; Last Days of the Ice Hunters? }
Living on Thin Ice As Arctic Greenland warms up, its inhabi- tants- both human and animal- confront a precarious future. BY GRETEL EHRLICH PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID McLAIN
The Dawn of Maya Gods and Kings
Dawn of Maya Gods and Kings A stunning 2, 000- year- old mural at Guatemala’s San Bartolo site is rewriting Maya history. BY WILLIAM SATURNO PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
Return of the Lynx { Scenes from a Homecoming; Of Lynx and Men}
Return of the Lynx Cats transplanted from Canada are helping repopulate the Colorado wilderness. BY DANIEL GLICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING

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