National Geographic January 1969


Lanzarote, the Strangest Canary
The easternmost of the Canary Islands coaxes grapes, figs, and onions from volcanic soil. Could it be a remnant of the fabled lost continent of Atlantis?
The Quetzal, Fabulous Bird of Maya Land
High in the Guatemalan forest, the brightly feathered bird revered by ancient Indians has fallen prey to poachers and the clearing of its forest home.
Taiwan: The Watchful Dragon
Just a hundred miles from the enemy – – communist China – – the Nationalist Chinese under Chiang Kai- shek have developed a free- enterprise system, encouraged manufacturing and investment, and preserved Chinese tradition.
Remote Sensing: New Eyes to See the World
Utilizing various wave lengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared and microwave, scientists investigate and measure land forms and the signs of a stroke from a distance
Oregon’s Many Faces
The nation’s tenth largest state spans a spectrum of geography – – from the cool rock- bound Pacific coast to snowcapped, forested mountains and the stern desert of the southeast.

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