National Geographic January 1968


In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great
In the second century B. C. , a young king of Macedonia conquered an empire reaching from Greece to India, taking a route recently followed by the authors who marvel at his conquest of peoples and geography.
Big Bend: Jewel in the Texas Desert
In the lonely immensity of this national park on the border with Mexico, the Rio Grande turns back on itself, giving the area its name.
Our Virgin Islands, 50 Years Under the Flag
The U. S. purchased the tropical isles off Puerto Rico from Denmark to protect its sea lanes to the Panama Canal. Now the possession is dedicated to pleasurable not military pursuits.
A Taxi for the Deep Frontier
In a demonstration of new underwater technology, a mini- submarine called Deep Diver ferries divers to 400- foot depths, lets them exit to work, and then returns them safely to the surface.
The World in Geographic Filmstrips
The Society’s President announces a publishing program to provide visual aids for schools in association with Encyclopeadia Britannica.

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