National Geographic January 1946


England’s Wild Moorland Ponies
Each October, the wild ponies of Devon and Somerset are rounded up and auctioned at Bampton Fair. This annual event has taken place since the 13th- century reign of Henry III.
Earth’s Most Primitive People: A Journey with the Aborigines of Central Australia
A trip with the aboriginal inhabitants of the Australian outback shows them to be a tough and hardy people.
Nevada, Desert Treasure House
Vast mineral deposits, including gold and silver, are the foundation of Nevada’s economy and pioneering life style. The hard lives of the early miners, farmers, and cattlemen contrast with the glitter of Las Vegas, to create a portrait of the Sagebrush
Animals Were Allies, Too
An uncredited photo essay shows the animals’ part in the war effort. In addition to Doberman pinschers and German shepherds, horses, elephants, cattle, oxen, donkeys and mules, and even monkeys are shown making their contribution to the fight.
This Is My Own: How the United States Seems to a Citizen Soldier Back from Three Years Overseas
Home never looked so good. Frederick G. Vosburgh describes the sights, sounds, and emotions of GIs returning from the war.
Europe’s Looted Art
The U. S. Dept. of Defense is responsible for cataloguing art stolen by the Nazis, and when possible, returning it to the original owners.
Indians of the Southeastern United States
The complex cultures and political unions of southeastern Native American tribes are described, even though few traces of the ancient civilizations remain.

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