National Geographic February 2021


National Geographic February 2021 Highlights:


A World of Viruses

Yes, the coronavirus is a killer. But viruses can be beneficial too.

Women on the Move

In 2019, 130 million women were living in countries not on their birth, migration data show. And in that year alone, tens of millions of them were forced – by disease, natural disaster, violence, or poverty – to move either within their countries or abroad.

Reclaiming History

Anti-racism protests spur removal of Confederate monuments.

Preserving Paradise

In Costa Rica an oasis of biodiversity feels COVID-19’s effects.

Never Out of Season

Fragile, long-preserved plants take on new life in front of the camera.

Born to Wander

After months pinned down by the pandemic the author is even more certain: Exploring the planet is an essential activity for humans.

Attention to Turtles

The reptiles originated in Africa but now are neglected there, says a conservationist who aims to remedy that.

Volcanic Voltage

How do volcanic eruptions spark lightning?

Norwegian Cool

Have wet suit, will winter surf in 41′ water.


On The Cover:

Mimivirus is one of the largest and most complex viruses known. Scientists hope that studying it will shed light on viruses’ origins and proliferation.

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