National Geographic February 1966


The Alice in Australia’s Wonderland
The Australian- born author had a lot to learn about the heart of the continent around Alice Springs – – its red- rock cattle stations, Aboriginal art, and spectacular scenery.
Dickey Chapelle Killed in Action { What Was a Woman Doing There? }
War correspondent Dickey Chapelle, who contributed to the Geographic since 1953 and was killed in South Vietnam in 1965, was the first American woman correspondent to die in action.
St. Augustine, Nation’s Oldest City, Turns 400
Launching a turbulent era, the Spanish founded the Florida settlement and built Castillo de San Marcos, now a National Park Service site.
Flamboyant Is the Word for Bolivia
In a land of towering peaks and bleak tablelands, Indians and mestizos mine tin, raise cattle, and grow coffee, grain, and fruit.
Water War in Viet Nam
Patrolling Mekong Delta waterways, Vietnamese Navy gunboats try to route the Vietcong enemy to keep the coveted rice bowl of Southeast Asia in freedom’s camp.
Giant Comet Grazes the Sun
Discovered in September 1965 by Japanese amateur astronomers, a comet named for them – – Ikeya- Seki – – streaked past the sun last October, a journey recorded in photographs and art.
Saga of a Ship, the [ Yankee]
A Geographic television show stars the brigantine that performed pre- World War I duty in the North Sea and ended up wrecked on a coral reef off Rarotonga.

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