National Geographic February 1954


Washington Lives Again at Valley Forge: Memories of His Ragged Heroes Linger in the Pennsylvania Park Where Bloodstained Snow Marked the Path to Freedom
George Washington’s winter camp is being restored 176 years after his troops withdrew. The author describes the history and present condition of the site.
Life in the Land of the Basques: A Proud People of Unknown Origin Clings to Its Unique Language and Traditional Way of Life in the Western Pyrenees
A proud people of unknown origin clings to its unique language and traditional way of life in the Western Pyrenees.
Bermuda, Cradled in Warm Seas: With Her Beaches Soft and Pink, Britain’s Oldest Crown Colony Teaches Thousands of Visitors a Lesson in Serenity
Formerly a haven for smugglers, Bermuda’s beaches of soft pink sand and rich history have made the island a popular tourist destination.
Scotland’s Golden Eagles at Home: Climbing Perilous Cliffs to Lofty Eyries, a Naturalist Photographs Intimate Family Life of These Monarchs of the Air
Climbing perilous cliffs to locate lofty eyries, the author observes the intimate family life of the golden eagles of the Scottish highlands.
Hong Kong Hangs On: Britain’s Fabulous Crown Colony on the South China Coast Faces an Uncertain Future with Boundless Energy and Quiet Confidence
Hong Kong has suffered a boom in population but a decline in trade after the communist takeover of mainland China. However, the small island continues to be an important political and financial center of the British Empire.

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