National Geographic February 1935


Petra, Ancient Caravan Stronghold: Mysterious Temples and Tombs, Carved in Glowing Cliffs of Eroded Sandstone, Are Remants of a City David Longed to Storm
Mysterious temples and tombs, carved in glowing cliffs of eroded sandstone, are remnants of a city David longed to storm.
The Society Announces New Stratosphere Flight { The Society Announces New Flight into the Stratosphere}
National Geographic Society President Gilbert Grosvenor describes an upcoming balloon flight to collect scientific data and explains the explosion that caused a forced descent of a balloon flight the previous summer.
Shadowy Birds of the Night
The seldom- seen but often heard owl has become part of the folklore of nearly every country in the world. The author examines seventeen species of the famous nocturnal bird.
Old France in Modern Canada
In the Canadian province of Quebec, French and English coexist amid European architecture and a beautiful winter landscape.
Winter Lights and Shadows in the Nation’s Capital
From the White House to the Capitol Dome, this black and white photo essay captures snowy Washington, D. C. in the winter.
What Is the Saar?
After 15 years of mandated League of Nations supervision, the citizens of the Saar, a culturally German industrial region between France and Germany, get to vote on their political destiny.

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