National Geographic February 1926


Round About Bogota?: A Hunt for New Fruits and Plants Among the Mountain Forests of Colombia’s Unique Capital
While enjoying the cultured atmosphere of the city, an agricultural explorer finds blackberries the size of a spoon’s bowl and unusual root crops such as the parsnip- like arracacha.
Fishing for Pearls in the Indian Ocean
Pearl- diving prospers off the coasts of the Indian Ocean, where the government takes two- thirds of every catch and international pearl buyers bargain with divers for the remainder.
The Road to Wang Ye Fu: An Account of the Work of the National Geographic Society’s Central- China Expedition in the Mongol Kingdom of Ala Shan
A 39- day march to the capital of the Mongol kingdom of Ala Shan provides numerous adventures as the expedition encounters life in central China.
Rothenburg, the City Time Forgot
Defended by intrepid townsmen during the Thirty Years’ War, the medieval architecture of Rothenburg, Germany, lures artists and tourists through well- kept cobbled streets.

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