National Geographic December 1966


Crossroads of the Insect World
In the interrelated evolution of plants and insects, insects learned to time their visits to the blooming stage of plants – – the crossroads of the insect world.
Abraham, the Friend of God
Following in the footsteps of the Old Testament patriarch who conceived the idea of one almighty God, the author pursues legend that is history from Iraq to Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and Jerusalem.
Massachusetts Builds for Tomorrow
Heavy with history, the state undergoes renewal, especially in downtown Boston, hub of half the state’s population.
When Disaster Struck a Woodpecker’s Home
After its nesting tree broke apart, a pileated woodpecker in the Everglades picked up and carried away its eggs, a behavior recorded here for the first time.
The Laser’s Bright Magic
Concentrated swords of light aid medicine, industry, and research.

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