National Geographic December 1934


A Half Mile Down: Strange Creatures, Beautiful and Grotesque as Figments of Fancy, Reveal Themselves at Windows of the Bathysphere
Diving to a record 3, 028 feet, Dr. William Beebe and Otis Barton chronicle the vertical distribution of undersea life, noting the appearance of different species as they plunge deeper into the ocean.
Hunting Useful Plants in the Caribbean
A quest for new plant life brings a Department of Agriculture party to the Caribbean, where it collects 700 species of flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and other flora for trial importation to the United States.
Modern Progress and Age- Old Glamour in Mexico
Well- manicured Chapultepec Park decorates Mexico City, while the stunning mountains of the surrounding countryside retain a beauty all their own.
Travels with a Donkey in Mexico: Three Adventurers Trudge from Oaxaca to Acapulco, 400 Miles, Through Back Country, Their Equipment Carried by Burros
Disguised as peasants to deter bandits, three companions acquire pack animals and continue on foot when their bus breaks down in rural Mexico. Roughing it through the mountains and across the plains, they experience the customs of several distinct Mexica

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