National Geographic December 1923


The National Geographic Society’s Memorial to American Troops: Fountain and Water Supply System Presented to Historic French Town of Cantigny, Where Our Overseas Soldiers Won Their First Victory in the World War
At a little stone village in France, American troops received their first baptism of German fire in the form machine- gun bullets and 19, 000 enemy shells. In memory and gratitude, the National Geographic Society donates a complete water- supply system t
A Short Visit to Wales: Historic Associations and Scenic Beauties Contend for Interest in the Little Land Behind the Hills
To Americans it is the least known part of the British Isles, yet for the courageous visitor who steels himself to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous orthography a weekend in Wales is entirely accessible, providing hospitality and comfortable a;
Fishes and Fisheries of Our North Atlantic Seaboard
The seas from Newfoundland to Delaware account for 700 million pounds of the annual U. S. catch of fish and shellfish. To keep up that rate, we must improve our knowledge of the fish’s breeding and migration habits, adaptations, and enemies.

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