National Geographic August 1969


Colorado, the Rockies’ Pot of Gold { The Rockies’ Pot of Gold, Colorado}
The western state born of a gold rush now raises cattle and crops on its eastern reach, builds skyscrapers in its capital, and has ski resorts on its western slopes.
Swaziland Tries Independence
A southern African kingdom of 400, 000 that won independence from Great Britain in 1968, holds to a middle way between traditional and Western cultures.
Solving the Mystery of Mexico’s Great Stone Spheres
Huge stones that litter the mountains west of Guadalajara resemble globes made by pre- Columbian inhabitants but were formed naturally after volcanic eruptions.
Locusts: Teeth of the Wind
Awakened by soaking rains, plagues of desert locusts – – actually green grasshoppers – – strip crops in northeast Africa and southwest Asia.
Sailing Iceland’s Rugged Coasts
In the face of fierce winds and currents the author and his wife circumnavigate Iceland in a 40- foot yawl, putting in at friendly ports to sample Icelandic life.

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