National Geographic August 1967


Life in a Dead Sea- -Great Salt Lake
Specially adapted bacteria, flies, algae, and shrimps thrive in the saturated brine of the huge Utah lake.
First Woman Across Greenland’s Ice
For a month the author trudged 400 miles, without dogs or motors, with her husband’s Scottish Trans- Greenland Expedition.
San Marino, Little Land of Liberty
The world’s oldest and smallest republic, made up of only 24 square miles above Italy’s Romagna plain, perpetuates traditional crafts and pageantry.
Ancient Aphrodisias and Its Marble Treasures
Sculptors in this ancient city in southwest Turkey supplied the whole Roman Empire, while decorating local baths, concert halls, and temples, according to the site’s chief excavator.
From Sword to Scythe in Champlain Country
A battlefield for national ambitions of the French, British, and Americans in colonial days, the long lake on the Vermont – – New York border today presents a placid facade of dairy farms, apple orchards, and ski resorts.
New Zealand’s Cook Islands: Paradise in Search of a Future
On scattered isles of the South Pacific, 20, 000 Polynesians, citizens of New Zealand, try self- government.

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