National Geographic August 1964


Inside Europe Aboard [ Yankee]
A world- wandering couple takes a 50- foot sailboat, third in an adventurous line, through thousands of miles of scenic inland waterways.
Para- Explorers Challenge Peru’s Unknown Vilcabamba { By Parachute Into Peru’s Lost World}
The northern Vilcabamba range rises like an island from a vast sea of jungle in the Amazon Basin. The unknown area, home to legends of lost Inca cities, held unknown surprises for the author’s exploratory party.
Mozambique: Land of the Good People
No land offers more violent contrasts than Mozambique, where African, Portuguese and Arab cultures mix in a land with burgeoning nationalist aspirations.
Northern Ireland: From Derry to Down
Ulster, or Northern Ireland, is a lush, green, history- laden piece of the Old Sod that remains steadfastly part of Great Britain.

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