National Geographic April 1965


France Meets the Sea in Brittany: Headland of Europe, the Province of the Bretons Retains its Medieval Look, its Sea- washed Air, and its Misty Light as it Harnesses the Tides and Talks With Space
Rocky headland jutting into the sea, this land of Celtic- speaking Bretons becomes more and more French. A tour of the cities and major historical sites reveals progress brought by national efforts to stabilize rural populations and distribute employment
How to End a War: Grant and Lee at Appomattox { Appomattox: Where Grant and Lee Made Peace With Honor a Century Ago}
The grandson of the Union general gives a vivid account of the final days of the U. S. Civil War and the South’s surrender at a Virginia courthouse a century ago.
Ethiopian Adventure
Traveling mainly by Land Rover, a staff writer and photographer explore the history, people, and diverse landscapes of an African nation whose people speak 70 languages and follow many creeds.
Outpost Under the Ocean
The author, and developer of the Man- in- Sea Project, sends two divers more than 400 feet down off the Bahamas for 48 hours.
The Deepest Days
Two divers experience two days at 432 feet beneath the surface of the Atlantic. The author and Jon Lindbergh find joy in the danger of swimming freely around the inflatable rubber house where they sleep and eat.
The Fair Reopens
The New York World’s Fair of 1964 and 1965 displays marvels of science, flavors of 66 nations in their own pavilions, and a procession of new products to fairgoers.

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