National Geographic April 1956


New Life for India’s Villagers
The country’s gigantic Community Development Program brings roads, schools, and health clinics to communities in rural regions where none existed before.
History Keeps House in Virginia
17th and 18th- century homes open their doors to visitors during the state’s annual Historic Garden Week, offering a glimpse of colonial ways.
Lake District, Poets’ Corner of England: Literary Landmarks Amid the Dales and Fells of Wordsworthshire Draw Hikers and Climbers to a Favorite British Park
Literary landmarks and 16 lakes surrounded by mountains attract hikers and climbers to a favorite British park.
Space Satellites, Tools of Earth Research
In anticipation of the world’s first satellite launch, writer Heinz Haber and artist William N. Palmstrom envision Earth as it will appear from space.
Ifalik, Lonely Paradise of the South Seas: A Trio of Scientists Finds Ancestral Ways Holding Their Own Among Contented Islanders of a Remote Pacific Atoll
One small pearl in the strand of the Caroline Islands, Ifalik stands content in its isolation from outside influences.

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