National Geographic April 1929


When a Drought Blights Africa: Hippos and Elephants Are Driven Insane by Suffering, in the Lorian Swamp, Kenya Colony
The absence of rainfall dries up an African swamp, wreaking havoc on the lives of animals and people.
In the Allagash Country
Spending a year along the Allagash in Maine, the author and his wife study and photograph the locals – – deer, grouse, porcupine, and mink among them – – with minimal expense and rustic comfort.
Unique Gifts of Washington to the Nation
Itself a gift from Virginia and Maryland, Washington, D. C. ‘s gardens, monuments, and museums impress residents and visitors alike.
Virginia- -A Commonwealth That Has Come Back
A new generation rises from Virginia’s Civil War ruins to command a revitalized economy in a state full of historical sites.
Jefferson’s Little Mountain: Romance Enfolds Monticello, the Restored Home of the Author of the Declaration of Independence
Stately Monticello, repository of many of Thomas Jefferson’s inventions delights guests today due to the fundraising efforts of a patriotic citizens group in 1923.

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