National Geographic April 1928


The Indispensable Sheep
The worldwide demand for wool fuels the proliferation of large- scale sheep ranching operations in the United States and other countries where pastureland is plentiful.
Man and Nature Paint Italian Scenes in Prodigal Colors
Italy’s brilliance is captured in a series of autochrome pictures from around the country.
Holidays Among the Hill Towns of Umbria and Tuscany
A traveler who ventures beyond the beaten path delights in the quaint towns of Italy’s hill country, home to Boccaccio, Fra Filippo, and St. Francis of Assisi.
A Walking Tour Across Iceland
Looking for adventure and finding it, a lone woman travels by foot and pony from Reykjavik to Akureyri, crossing Iceland’s great Thingvellir Plain.
The Island of the Sagas
Heaved into existence by volcanic activity, Iceland boasts a strange, desolate beauty, with a civilization dating back to Viking explorers.

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