Body: The Complete Human


Body: The Complete Human

How it grows, how it works, and how to keep it healthy and strong

Ideal for families, students, and anyone who’s interested in maintaining good health, Body engagingly reveals the complex and fascinating systems of the human machine;from head to toe, cells to skin, inner workings to outward appearance.

Organized by body system, the chapters offer a balanced combination of basic anatomical and physiological information. Noted science writers Lisa Stein, Trisha Gura, and Patricia Daniels provide descriptions that are clear, accurate, and accessible to readers on every level. Colorful diagrams, amazing photographs, and miraculous 3- and 4-dimensional imagery;generated by cutting-edge tools;complement the text. The drawings of visionaries such as Leonardo Da Vinci illustrate historic advances in medical science.

Special-topic sidebars address today’s most relevant concerns: Keeping Healthy, What Can Go Wrong, Medical Breakthroughs, and more. Fact boxes feature eye-catching items that appeal to readers’ curiosity: how Botox works, what “blue blood” means, why Joe Namath’s knees are famous.

For easy reference, each chapter includes its own glossary of terms. Valuable cross-referencing tools guide readers to related information throughout. An appendix offers a full glossary, timeline of medical discoveries, and biographies of key pioneers in the field.

Enhancing this book’s authority are a foreword by acclaimed neurologist Richard Restak, bestselling author of 18 books on the brain; and the guidance of advisers from prestigious medical establishments.

Comprehensive, reliable, impeccably researched, and a pleasure to read, Body is the essential health resource for every home and library.


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Published: 2007

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