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Map Civil War 1974

By Eric

Map Civil War 1974

Side 1 – Battlefields of The Civil War

Side 2 – Cockpit of The Civil War

The Civil War

By Eric

The Civil War

By: Robert Paul Jordan


Format: Hardcover, 215 Pages

Published: 1969

Condition: Used (May not contain dust cover)

Comments: Included map when originally published. (May not be included)

Africa’s Lost Eden

By Eric

Africa’s Lost Eden

It was once known as ‘the place where Noah left his Ark’: 1,500 square miles of lush floodplains in central Mozambique, packed with wild animals. But 15 years of civil war has taken a heavy toll — and many species have been almost completely wiped out.

Journey with National Geographic to Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park and discover what is being done to bring this African oasis back to its former glory — including perhaps the most ambitious restoration effort ever attempted, with elephants, hippos and scores of zebra, wildebeest, impala and buffalo being relocated into the park.


  • Year: 2009
  • Format: DVD
  • Length: 40 Minutes
  • Condition: New
  • Screen Format: Widescreen

Map April 2005

By Eric

National Geographic Map April 2005
Side 1 – A Nation Transformed By Civil War
Side 2 – The Most Deadly Years Map

National Geographic March 2018

By Eric

Life Among The Ruins

Syria’s civil war turned Aleppo neighborhoods into rubble. Now, as a fragile normalcy returns to the city, the challenge is to rebuild what was lost.

Epic Journeys

Why do some birds migrate thousands of miles? How are they able to find their way to the same summer and winter sites year after year? Even as researchers answer those questions, they’re discovering how humans disrupt these ancient journeys.

Beyond The Blue Marble

Earth, in astronauts’ eyes.

When Life Got Complicated

From microbes to animals.

Drying Lakes

The world’s inland waters suffer due to overuse, climate change, and drought.

Siberian Solitude

Life in an isolated village.

National Geographic January 2017

By Eric

National Geographic January 2017 Highlights:

Rethinking Gender

Can science help us navigate the shifting landscape of gender identity? Mandy (below) identifies as fa’afafine, a third gender in Samoa.

I Am Nine Years Old

National Geographic traveled to 80 homes on four continents to ask kids how gender affects their lives. The answers from this diverse group of children were astute and revealing.

Making A Man

In traditional cultures the path to manhood is marked with ceremonial rites of passage. But in societies moving away from strict gender roles, boys have to find their own ways to become men.

American Girl

In some ways it’s easier to be an American girl these days: Although beauty still rules, people are more accepting of differences. In another way it’s worse: Everything plays out on social media.

Dangerous Lives of Girls

In Sierra Leone, wracked by civil war and Ebola, nearly half of girls marry before 18, and many become mothers by 19. Yet even in this troubled land, some girls find a way to rise.

Dads At Home

More than in most nations, Sweden’s parental leave involves fathers.

Girls At Risk

A by-the-numbers look at how girls and women around the world are faring, from education to equal opportunity.


On The Cover:

Youth interviewed for this issue on gender include Avery Jackson, a transgender girl living in Kansas City, Missouri