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National Geographic January 2017

By Eric

National Geographic January 2017 Highlights:

Rethinking Gender

Can science help us navigate the shifting landscape of gender identity? Mandy (below) identifies as fa’afafine, a third gender in Samoa.

I Am Nine Years Old

National Geographic traveled to 80 homes on four continents to ask kids how gender affects their lives. The answers from this diverse group of children were astute and revealing.

Making A Man

In traditional cultures the path to manhood is marked with ceremonial rites of passage. But in societies moving away from strict gender roles, boys have to find their own ways to become men.

American Girl

In some ways it’s easier to be an American girl these days: Although beauty still rules, people are more accepting of differences. In another way it’s worse: Everything plays out on social media.

Dangerous Lives of Girls

In Sierra Leone, wracked by civil war and Ebola, nearly half of girls marry before 18, and many become mothers by 19. Yet even in this troubled land, some girls find a way to rise.

Dads At Home

More than in most nations, Sweden’s parental leave involves fathers.

Girls At Risk

A by-the-numbers look at how girls and women around the world are faring, from education to equal opportunity.


On The Cover:

Youth interviewed for this issue on gender include Avery Jackson, a transgender girl living in Kansas City, Missouri

National Geographic November 2016

By Eric

The Power of Eight

Octopuses appear as alien as any extraterrestrial, yet seem strangely akin to humans.

The Race to the Red Planet

Humankind’s next big mission is Mars. But how long until we get there?

{ Special Poster } Colonizing Mars

Changing Cuba: Here Comes the Wave

A warming relationship with the United States has an upbeat but wary Cuba bracing for an onslaught of tourists from its Cold War adversary.

Changing Cuba: The Caribbean’s Crown Jewels

Gardens of the Queen, Cuba’s sprawling marine preserve, is an oceanic Eden in tourism’s path.

Fragile Peace

Sri Lanka is beginning to reckon with the aftermath of a brutal civil war: tens of thousands homeless, tens of thousands still missing.

Proof | Consecrated in Mexico

Behind convent walls, cloistered nuns pray, work – and even play volleyball.

National Geographic May 2012

By Eric

Bringing the Civil War to Life

In the 1860s combat artists captured battlefield drama. Today reenactors reimagine the conflict.

{ Special Poster } The March to Gettysburg / Civil War to Civil Rights

A Showboating Bird

To woo a mate, a male manakin might make music with its wings … or do the moonwalk.

Egypt In The Moment

A Nile journey reveals how the revolution is playing out far from its epicenter in Tahrir Square.

A Show of Hands

Humans, of course, have them. So do bats, cats, dolphins, elephants, and frogs. Our artwork takes you inside these useful appendages.

Iceland’s Resilient Beauty

Icelanders and sheep have taken a toll, but the volcanic-glacial landscape is still astonishing.

The Race to Rescue Koalas

Megan Aitken drives Australian streets, saving marsupials that face urban hazards and disease.


National Geographic November 2010

By Eric

Great Migrations

Birds, butterflies, and beasts take off. Humans interfere.

The Lost Herds Are Found

They survived Sudan’s civil war yet still need protection.

Southern Sudan’s Shaky Peace

The scars and hopes of a boy named Logocho mirror his land.

3 Degrees Of Japan’s Seas

The waters host arctic crabs, temperate squid, tropical sharks.

Unburying The Aztec

Diggers find eagles, fur-wrapped knives, no emperor’s tomb.


National Geographic July 2002

By Eric

Bald Eagles: Majesty in Motion { Bald Eagles Come Back from the Brink}
Bald Eagles Our majestic national bird is flying high over much of its former range and may soon be off the endangered list. BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY NORBERT ROSING
Raising [ Hunley] : Civil War Sub { Secret Weapon of the Confederacy; The [ H. L. Hunley] : Secret Weapon of the Confederacy}
Secret Weapon of the Confederacy In 1864 eight sailors slipped out of Charleston in an ingenious submarine, sank a Union ship, and disappeared- until now. BY GLENN OELAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY IRA BLOCK
America’s Nuclear Waste { Nuclear Waste: Seeking Solutions; Half- Life: The Lethal Legacy of America’s Nuclear Waste}
America’s Nuclear Waste The search for permanent solutions heats up as tons of highly radioactive sludge, spent fuel, and contaminated soil pile up around the nation. BY MICHAEL E. LONG PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER ESSICK
Somalia: A Failed State? { In Focus: Somalia: A Failed State? }
Somalia A civilian army of entrepreneurs and expatriates offers hope in this East African nation, bloodied by warring clans. BY ANDREW COCKBURN
ZipUSA: 20024: A Capital Waterfront { ZipUSA: Washington, D. C. }
ZipUSA: 20024 At the Maine Avenue Fish Wharf in Washing- ton, D. C. , you can haggle over the price of crabs or hang out with the neighboring live- aboards just minutes from the Capitol. BY ANGUS PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHS BY LANDON NORDEMAN
The Philippines
Hotspot: The Philippines Amid poverty, coral reefs rocked by dynamite fishing, and once lush islands stripped by logging, con- servationists rush to preserve endemic species. BY PRIIT J. VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
The Big Bloom: Birth of Flowering Plants { The Rise of Life on Earth: The Big Bloom; The Big Bloom: How Flowering Plants Changed the World}
The Big Bloom Essential to life- and to romance- flowering plants lure paleobotanists with the sweet mystery of their origin. BY MICHAEL KLESIUS PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONATHAN BLAIR

National Geographic September 2004

By Eric

Badgers With Attitude { Honey Badgers}
Badgers With Attitude The tough Kalahari honey badger reigns as one of the desert’s fiercest hunters. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY COLLEEN AND KEITH BEGG
The New Face of the American Indian { Indian: Scenes From a Renaissance}
Indian Renaissance Growing in numbers, cultural awareness, and economic clout, American Indians- honored with a museum on the National Mall- are reclaiming their place on the national stage. BY JOSEPH BRUCHAC PHOTOGRAPHS BY MAGGIE STEBER MAP SUPPLEMENT:
Signs From Earth: Heating Up. .. Melting Down. .. { The Heat Is On}
The Heat Is On There’s no question that the Earth is getting hotter- and fast. The real questions are: How much of the warming is our fault, and are we willing to slow the meltdown by curbing our insatiable appetite for fossil fuels? INTRODUCTION BY TIM
Global Warming: Bulletins From a Warmer World { The Heat is On; Signs From Earth: Heating Up. .. Melting Down. .. ; Introduction }
TimeSigns What causes climate change? Could a climate flip happen virtually overnight? BY VIRGINIA MORELL
53208: A School of Their Own { ZipUSA: Schooled in Tradition; ZipUSA: Milwaukee, Wisconsin}
ZipUSA: 53208 At the Indian Community School in Milwau- kee, Native American kids reconnect with ancestral traditions. BY FRANK CLANCY PHOTOGRAPHS BY PENNY DE LOS SANTOS
Steamship Republic { Treasure From a Civil War Wreck; Treasure Ship Meets Perfect Storm; Lost Gold: Bounty From a Civil War Ship}
Treasure Ship Meets Perfect Storm In 1865 a paddle wheeler packing gold, silver, and post- Civil War hope went down off the coast of Georgia. Now the treasure is coming home. BY PRIIT J. VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONATHAN BLAIR


Contents: Map of North America showing language- family regions at the time of first European contact, with notes on pidgins and sign language. ; Included: Photos of Inuit walrus- tusk snow goggles, duck decoy of feathers and reeds, Sioux buckskin moccas
INDIAN COUNTRY(20 1/4 x 31 inches)
Contents: Map of the United States showing native homelands today and American Indian and Alaska Native ( AIAN) populations by state and for cities of 100, 000 people or more; notes on state names of Indian origin, fishing rights, red power, education,