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Embark on a global expedition with the July 2023 issue of National Geographic, an exhilarating journey into the heart of exploration and discovery. Uncover the transformation of Old European stories through a Nigerian lens in ‘Fairy Tales, Reimagined’, and delve into the provocative question of resurrecting the extinct Tasmanian tiger in ‘The Thylacine’s Life After Life’.

Discover lost treasures of a bygone era in ‘Roman Bath Rings’, and navigate the remarkable trials of the Olive Sea Snakes in their quest for survival. Traverse the majestic, untamed landscape of Iceland’s interior, a haven free from the humdrum of tourist crowds, and meet ‘The Amazon’s First Storytellers’, embarking on a journey deep into the rainforest of Colombia.

Experience the exhilarating squeeze into the ‘Cave of Bones’, the discovery site of Homo naledi in South Africa, and dive into ‘A Wild Plan’, a daring experiment to save endangered shark species. Join the ranks of National Geographic’s trailblazing explorers, tackling the daunting challenges and enigmas of our planet.

Step back in time with ‘A Handmade World’, revealing a lingering pre-megacity lifestyle in a remote pocket of China, and witness the inspiring resilience of an Indigenous Mexican community in ‘Turning Darkness Into Light’.

Each story is a voyage, a revelation, a deep dive into the wild and wonderful world we inhabit. From extinct species to living cultures, from fairy tales to trailblazing discoveries, this issue invites you to chase the unknown.


  • The Exploration Issue: Chasing The Unknown. What a new era of discovery is revealing about our wild and wonderful world
  • Fairy Tales, Reimagined: Old European stories have urgent new meanings when seen through the lens of Nigerian history and culture.

  • The Thylacine’s Life After Life: Can scientists bring back the Tasmanian tiger, hunted to extinction but now mourned?

  • Roman Bath Rings: Where a bathhouse once stood, archaeologists are finding gemstones that wealthy patrons lost there.

  • Sex Woes of Olive Sea Snakes: Among the obstacles: lousy vision, lack of limbs, and a process that can last hours.

  • Fire and Ice Getting there isn’t easy: That’s why the dramatic landscape of Iceland’s interior is largely free of tourist crowds.

  • The Amazon’s First Storytellers: An expedition journeys to remarkable rock art deep within the rainforest of Colombia.

  • Return to the Cave of Bones: It’s a tight squeeze to reach the site of Homo naledi’s discovery in South Africa.

  • A Wild Plan: This bold experiment aims to save endangered shark species.

  • Trailblazers: National Geographic Explorers are tackling the challenges and mysteries of our planet.

  • A Handmade World: A pre-megacity way of life lingers in this pocket of China.

  • Turning Darkness Into Light: Images depict the resilience of an Indigenous Mexican community.

  • And More…



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