National Geographic September 2019


The New Cold War

In the Arctic, nations are jostling for access to a frozen frontier.

The Threat Below

Permafrost is thawing fast, releasing carbon that fuels warming.

Uncovering an Arctic Mystery

The Franklin Expedition set out to chart the Northwest Passage. Then it vanished.

Eyes on the Ice

Studying the warming Arctic means joining a unique community.

Alone With Wolves

A moving encounter with one of Earth’s most adaptable predators.

Before It Melts

Camping trips teach Inuit youth how to survive on the frigid land.

What the Tide Brings In

An endless supply of plastic trash from a stretch of New York shoreline is assembled into sculptures that are colorful but sobering.

Why You Like What You Like

Our personal tastes and our actions are driven by hidden biological forces.

A Solar System Giant, Ready for Its Close-Up

A stunning data-driven image of Jupiter.

Shy by Nature but Showy in Conquest

Western tragopan males flaunt feature fineary to woo males.

Death Comes for a Crocodile

In Australia, an epic hunt for a saltwater crocodile ends on an unexpected note.

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