National Geographic October 1932


The Large Wading Birds: Long Legs and Remarkable Beaks, as Well as Size, Form, and Color, Distinguish the Herons, Ibises, and Flamingos
Triumphs of evolution, species of stilt- legged birds wade the shallows with ease in search of food.
Monte Albán, Richest Archeological Find in America: A Tomb in Oaxaca, Mexico, Yields Treasures Which Reveal the Splendid Culture of the Mixtecs
At a site not far from modern Oaxaca, archaeologists unearth relics of the little- known Zapotec and Mixtec tribes, on par with Aztec and Maya civilizations.
Mapping the Antarctic from the Air: The Aërial Camera Earns Its Place as the Eyes and Memory of the Explorer
The Byrd Antarctic Expedition’s photographer explains the use of oblique aerial photography – – pictures taken at an angle between horizontal and vertical – – as a surveying tool to record the features of uncharted regions.
Into Burning Hadhramaut: The Arab Land of Frankincense and Myrrh, Ever a Lodestone of Western Exploration
Travelers through the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula encounter desolate plateaus, dry streambeds, and desert sultans.
Styria, a Favored Vacation Land of Central Europe
The mountains of Austria lure urban dwellers to their pine- studded slopes, also rich in iron deposits and dairy cows.

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