National Geographic November 2019


Demanding Equality, and Power, in America

Women must reject the subordinate status that society confers.

Framing History in Photos

National Geographic’s archive contains millions of images. Consider what they reveal about the lives of women.

Rwanda’s Renewal by Women

After the 1994 genocide, women stepped up to fill the gaps in power. Now Rwanda has some of the most female-friendly policies in the world. What’s still to be done?

Shaping the Future

In numerous male-dominated societies, women aren’t waiting for men to cede or share authority. Instead they organize, legislate, campaign and march to secure roles, rights, and privileges often reserved for men. “Women find strength to fight,” says one, “in their own way.”

Prosperity, Progress, and Peril: The Index

Measuring women’s sense of inclusion, security, and discrimination around the world.

A Right to be Safe

Urban India’s women have long risked harm just by walking down the street. Now there are signs of progress in burgeoning programs to make spaces safer and increase penalties for assailants.

Where Are The Women in Science?

During women’s long history in the sciences, they’ve been handicapped by sexism and harassment.

For Girls in Science, The Time is Now

Encouragement for girls’ STEM ambitions is replacing some of the barriers that frustrated previous generations.

In The Fight

As militaries open frontline roles to women, the rise in opportunities is undeniable. From the United States to hot spots around the world, a veteran conflict photographers document women warriors in training and in the field.

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