National Geographic November 2015



Survival Guide 1

From signing global accords to building tiny houses, climate change antidotes come in all sizes.

The Will to Change

If Germany can ditch fossil fuels, maybe, just maybe, other countries can too.

A Blueprint for a Carbon-Free America

One man thinks the U.S. can switch to clean, renewable energy. Can his dream come true?

Power to the People

Solar energy is bringing light to countries still living mostly in the dark.



Survival Guide 2

Higher heat, wilder weather, warmer water. Face it, things are changing, and we’ll have to adapt.

Melting Away

Ice is fading in Greenland and with it ancient hunting traditions in small villages.

Against the Tide

As seas rise, residents of the island nation of Kirbati fight to keep their culture afloat.

Who Will Thrive?
A warming planet will affect every living species. Which ones will make the cut?

Pulse of the Planet

Earth is clearly stressed out. New sensors allow scientists to track its vital signs in real time.

{ Special Poster } Explore Amazonia – its fabled diversity, and the human actions that threaten its existence.

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