National Geographic November 1968


Queensland: Young Titan of Australia’s Tropic North
Like its vegetation, Queensland’s population clings to the coast that overlooks the Great Barrier Reef, leaving the arid outback to Aborigines, sheep, and cattle stations.
Our Friend From the Sea
A New Jersey family adopts a baby harbor seal from Maine but permits it to come and go in the icy Atlantic near their home.
The Massif of Mount Hubbard, Mount Alverstone, and Mount Kennedy
A new map charts a remote corner of Yukon Territory in unprecedented detail.
The World of Elizabeth I
The English queen catapulted her nation to world prominence in the 16th century and gave her name to an age, according to a former director of the Folger Shakespeare Library.
Little Tibet in Switzerland
Refugees from Communist Chinese- occupied Tibet, sponsored by Swiss citizens, adapt to factories and other work but preserve their Buddhist traditions.
Today Along the Natchez Trace, Pathway Through History
A modern parkway, cleared by the National Park Service, follows a wilderness road trod by pioneers, traders, and gamblers between Natchez, Mississippi, and Nashville, Tennessee.

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