National Geographic May 1969


And Now to Touch the Moon’s Forbidding Face
A preview of the future manned moon landing explains the equipment to be used and procedures to be followed.
Grunion, the Fish That Spawns on Land
In a strange invasion of southern California and Baja California coasts, smelt- like fish ride high tides to spawn in the sand.
Kuwait, Aladdin’s Lamp of the Middle East
A desert land of Bedouin and seafarers reaps the benefits of resources that have catapulted it to the rank of the world’s sixth major oil producer.
A Most Fantastic Voyage : The Story of Apollo 8’s Rendezvous With the Moon
Intense preparation behind them, three astronauts embark and complete an epic journey, the first circling of the moon.
Abu Simbel’s Ancient Temples Reborn
To save rock- cut temples from drowning behind the Aswan High Dam, engineers cut them apart and move them to high ground overlooking Lake Nasser.
Down the Grand Canyon 100 Years After Powell { Retracing John Wesley Powell’s Historic Voyage Down the Grand Canyon}
The Society’s commemorative expedition rafts 300 miles down the Colorado River through Marble and Grand Canyons to honor the geologist who unveiled these scenic wonders to the world.

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