National Geographic May 1955


Kayaks Down the Nile
Three adventurers paddle and portage their way down the length of this legendary river encountering hippos, elephants, and near disaster along the way.
Bruges, the City the Sea Forgot: Belgium’s Chief Port and World- trade Center in Medieval Days Relives Its Past in Brilliant, Reverent Pageantry
History resonates from this beautifully preserved Belgian port town as vividly as notes from its 18th- century carillon.
One Hundred Hours Beneath the Chesapeake: Aquascope Explorers Bring Back Remarkable Photographs in Color from the Murky Depths of the Bay
With just room to lie down, aquascope explorers persevere through silt clouds and oceanic currents, to bring back remarkable photographs from the murky depths of the bay.
Arizona’s Operation Beaver Lift: The Hard- working Beaver, Sometimes a Pest, Turns His Engineering Talents to the Conservation of Soil and Water
The Arizona Game and Fish Commission relocates beavers and puts their engineering talents to work in an effort to conserve soil and water.
Grand Canyon: Nature’s Story of Creation: In the Mile- deep Chasm of the Colorado, One of the World’s Greatest Wonders, Rocks Reveal the Beginnings of Life on Earth
Louis Schellbach rides on muleback into the mile- deep chasm of the Colorado for a first- hand look at rocks that reveal the beginnings of life on Earth.

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