National Geographic May 1925


Through the Back Doors of Belgium: Artist and Author Paddle for Three Weeks Along 200 Miles of Low- Countries Canals in a Canadian Canoe
Seeking a change from conventional sight- seeing, two friends discover a canoe in a warehouse and go on a paddling tour of Belgium via canals, disembarking to explore cities and towns along the way.
Tracking the Columbian Ground- Squirrel to Its Burrow: Loss of Millions to Crops and Danger of the Spread of Spotted Fever Necessitated Study of Peculiar Rodent of Western North America
Diligent study by zoologists yields an up- close look at the Columbian ground squirrels of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon and confirms their reputation as vermin.
Helsingfors- -A Contrast in Light and Shade
In travel- guidebook style, an American vice- consul stationed in Finland highlights the winter and summer sights and activities in Helsinki, the capital city.
Ferns as a Hobby
Accompanied by color illustrations and scientific detail, a fern specialist defines the history and biology of these pervasive plants, featuring such species as the christmas fern, sensitive fern, and dwarf spleenwort.

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