National Geographic March 2019


Who’s Out There?

The big existential question is no longer, Is there life beyond Earth? It’s a pretty sure bet there is. The question now is, How do we find who – or what – is alive out there? And we are getting really close to answering it.

No Way Out

Criminal gangs have fractured El Salvador.

Borneo’s Vast Underworld

Malaysia’s Mulu caves boast chambers that are millions of years old.


These mini-monsters are masters of disguise.

Rituals of Rebellion

The Americas’ carnivals honor revelers’ roots.

Conjuring Clouds

With water vapor, smoke, lights, and imagination, a Dutch artist makes clouds in unexpected places – and coaxes them to pose for the camera.

A Wake-Up Call on Water Quality

One-quarted of Americans drink water from systems that aren’t safe.

Safer. Cheaper. Greener.

Engineer Leslie Dewan wants to reinvent nuclear energy.

Evolved to Crack

Scientists are learning more about how elephants get the creases in their skin and why those crevices are so important to them.

Strange Reflections

During the annual flood season in Venice, buildings appear as distorted images on water. Within those reflections, a photographer finds bizarre creatures – and also solace.

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