National Geographic June 1963


Bushmen of the Kalahari
Nomads of the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa, the bushmen are a people whose primitive culture has until recently remained immune to the pressures of time and modern life.
Africa’s Bushman Art Treasures
Remote rock- shelters preserve a rich legacy of primitive paintings.
Escorting Mona Lisa to America
A White House reporter, instrumental in bringing the Mona Lisa to America, describes the events of the famous painting’s visit.
Lonely Wonders of Katmai
Katmai National Monument’s remoteness and rugged terrain have made it one of the least seen units in the U. S. National Park System.
Bullfrog Ballet Filmed in Flight
Photographer Treat Davidson captures a feat of nature too quick for a human’s naked eye – – a bullfrog’s leap.
Italian Riviera, Land That Winter Forgot
Visitors to this land of eternal spring find the turquoise waters that lap at the breathtaking craggy terrain charming, while industrious locals till the terraced hills and ply the open sea.

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