National Geographic June 1918


A Battle- Ground of Nature: The Atlantic Seaboard
The war between land and water is the subject of this survey of America’s Atlantic shores, from the wave- dashed battlements of Maine to the sand- dune ramparts of Florida.
Aces Among Aces
Constant training and abstinence from alcohol are some secrets of France’s aerial sharpshooters, the celebrated Cigognes, or Storks, who daily put their lives on the line.
Hospital Heroes Convict the Cootie
Thanks to the courage of 66 healthy American soldiers who volunteered to be injected with lice germ disease from the front lines, cooties are identified as the culprit behind trench fever.
The secretary of state asserts that we must understand the true meaning of Prussianism and its desire for world domination, in order to understand present obstacles to peace.
Germany’s Dream of World Domination
Excerpts of texts by influential German writers confirm the dream of Pan- Germanism threatening the globe.
Cooties and Courage
Only surgeons call them lice. To everyone else they are cooties. Though hardly a pleasant subject, they pose a menace to the health and comfort of our soldiers – – a menace that scientists are exerting every effort to minimize.

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