National Geographic July 2019


How Humans Got to the Moon …

Space prowess was built over time: the crews, the hardware, the goals.

… and What’s Next

Today’s space race is multinational, moneyed, and ever more crowded. What will its winners get?

Protecting the Sea at the End of the World

National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project has helped establish marine reserves to protect more than two million square miles of oceans. The project recently laid scientific groundwork for a new marine park off Argentina, with private and government support.

Desperate Niger

The West African nation is at risk from the chaos that surrounds it.

The Mangrove Wall

How climate change hits this natural defense.

Spirit Worlds

What remains in a glass of single malt Scotch whisky after the liquid is gone? A surreal collection of otherworldly landscapes – if you know how to look.

Let’s Send Only Women to Space

If females have the right stuff for long space voyages, why send men at all?

Straw Poll

To take plastic drinking straws out of the waste stream, consider metal, silicone – even bamboo.

A Salty Sea Island

Studying one spot in the Dead Sea involved flying a drone and taking a briny swim.

New Places to Go

Inventive prototypes of toilets might lead to low-cost, sanitary facilities that can work around the world.

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