National Geographic July 2018


Faster. Higher. Smarter. Stronger.

Scientists are pushing the limits of human athletic performance

Predators in the Night

Meat-eating bats haunt a Maya temple.

Faces of the Future

In the United States today, Latinos are a major focus of the immigration debate. But in communities nationwide, they’re established, rising to power, and offering a glimpse of what’s ahead for the nation.

Power Struggle

Puerto Rico is recovering from the longest blackout in U.S. history.

Lost at Sea

Rarely seen seabirds are suffering declines.

Wild Gems of Russia

Russia has imposed its strictest land-use protections on 85 million acres. That’s more than any other country – and only the beginning of the story.

30 Years of Climate Lessons

As the problem of human-driven climate change has grown, the response has not kept pace.

Landscape Activism

Kate Orff designs resilient coasts and waterways for the future.

Creating the World

What does it take to model Earth? Peer into the tool kit of a bespoke globemaker.

Clean Energy in a Coal Mine

In Germany an old mine may become an underground battery for wind and solar energy.

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