National Geographic July 1924


The Non- Stop Flight Across America
Communicating amid the din by means of written notes, the author and his copilot fly 2, 700 miles nonstop in an army transport plane from Long Island, New York, to San Diego, California – – a record made possible by considerable algebra and other prepara
America from the Air: No Such Series of Airplane Views Has Ever Before Been Printed
Equipped with oxygen masks and using a new high- altitude camera, record- breaking aviators cover thousands of miles taking photos from altitudes as high as six miles.
Man’s Amazing Progress in Conquering the Air
Within 15 years of the Wright brothers’ hour- long flight over Fort Myers in Virginia, the world has seen a degree of progress in aviation that is unparalleled in any other field. Thanks to new instruments and methods, including radio and in- flight refu

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