National Geographic July 1923


Through the Back Doors of France: A Seven Weeks’ Voyage in a Canadian Canoe from St. Malo, Through Brittany and the Cha?teau Country, to Paris
The author and his wife take a trip along the meandering canals of Brittany and Touraine, passing by the back doors of family life and native customs.
The Mysterious Prehistoric Monuments of Brittany
Miles of granite Celtic dolmens, covered passageways, and megaliths as tall as 70 feet may have served astronomical purposes and as burial grounds.
Pueblo Bonito, the Ancient: The National Geographic Society’s Third Expedition to the Southwest Seeks to Read in the Rings of Trees the Secret of the Age of Ruins
A National Geographic Society team in treeless Pueblo Bonito, New Mexico, will attempt to date timbers that were used in building the mysterious ruins.
A Cruise Among Desert Islands
An expert on Pacific marine life observes the unique species of animals, birds, and plants on the small arid islands west of Baja California.

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