National Geographic February 2019



Alex Honnold is famous for climbing formidable rock faces without using ropes. But El Capitan?

Unthinkable Sacrifice

Mystery shrouds child killings some 500 years ago in what’s now Peru.

The White Gold Rush

Lithium is key to making batteries. Bolivia has it in abundance.

Silicon Valley Grows Up (Sort Of)

The tech mecca looks at the costs of success.

A National Symbol – But Also a Pest?

Australia grapples with a kangaroo issue.

South Africa’s Majorettes

For girls and young women in South Africa, being a “drummy” requires dedication – and pays dividends in confidence and pride.

How Ketchup Made Food Safer

Henry Heinz’s view of wholesome food and preservatives still resonates today.

Memories Remade

This neuroscientist is working on suppressing bad memories.

The Shots That Almost Got Away

His camera captured polar bear close-ups – and then it sank. But the photographer refused to give up.

Puffed-Up Appeal

Frigatebirds woo mates by inflating a body part and drumming on it. What’s not to love?

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