National Geographic December 2019


Under Jerusalem, Ancient Finds – and New Controversies

Above ground, it’s a holy site of the world’s three great monotheistic religions. But under Jerusalem lies one of the world’s busiest archaeological sites, where any digging can yield artifacts and stir animosities.

The Story of Plastic

How convenient, disposable plastic items became a habit – and how we can break it.

Saving Africa’s Parks

Treating ailing parks like failing businesses is helping to revive them.

U.S. Tigers in Crisis

More live in captivity in the U.S. than in the wild. An investigative report.

When the Roof of the World Melts

Dangerous glacial lakes bring the threat of floods to Nepal.

The Meandering Mississippi

The mighty river’s channel shifts are visible in exquisite detail, thanks to the airborne laser system known as lidar.

The Lure of Cold Spots

Some people love life in very cold places. If you can’t stand the chill, can you understand the attraction?

A New View of Trash

Environmental educator Lillygol Sedaghat promotes circular economies with little waste.

Buzz Saw Mystery

Fossils from 275 million years ago, showing fierce pinwheels of teeth, led scientists to the sea predator Helicoprion.

Don’t Wake the Bear

A photographer joins a routine trip to change a radio collar – on a hibernating black bear.

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