National Geographic December 1928


Renascent Germany
The German Republic continues to recover from the war and reorganize business, political, and geographic structure with increasing energy and self- respect.
Mickey the Beaver: An Animal Engineer Performs for the Camera as a Star in the Activities of His Species
Busy throughout the Michigan summer, a beaver with dramatic flair proves a successful subject for a series of documentary photos of his construction work.
Seeing 3, 000 Years of History in Four Hours: A Panorama of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Events Against a Background of Mythology Unfolds During an Airplane Journey from Constantinople to Athens
As he takes pictures from the plane’s window, Maynard Owen Williams recounts legendary moments in the history of the Aegean Sea region, both historical and mythological.
Falcon, the Pacific’s Newest Island
Located in the South Pacific near Tonga, Falcon Island plays hide- and- seek, springing into view after volcanic eruptions and vanishing underwater with the force of the ocean.

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