National Geographic December 1927


Color Records from the Changing Life of the Holy City
The vibrant garments of Jerusalem’s diverse residents burst from a collection of color photos by Geographic writer and photographer Maynard Owen Williams.
East of Suez to the Mount of the Decalogue: Following the Trail Over Which Moses Led the Israelites from the Slave- Pens of Egypt to Sinai
Caravanning among granite sandstone peaks to trace Moses’ journey that ended at Mount Sinai, the author acknowledges that the desert teaches value of traveling, not to discover, but to feel.
The Geography of Money
Money takes many forms, from clay tablets and fish hooks to coins and bills. Studied on a global scale, the transfer of wealth interweaves art, history, politics, and civilization.
The Pageant of Jerusalem: The Capital of the Land of Three Great Faiths Is Still the Holy City for Christian, Moslem, and Jew
The Holy City remains a place where pilgrims of three of the world’s major religions renew their faith as they have for centuries, despite the proximity of new buildings and modern activities.

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