National Geographic August 2019


Walking With Migrants

The author falls in step with people driven by circumstance “to leave a familiar world.”

Born a Refugee

Rohingya babies start life stateless in a Bangladesh refugee camp.

From Africa to Spain

The migrants’ gamble has yet to pay off.

Tijuana Portraits

The border, in faces.

The Birth of Europe

Genetic tools tell what’s in the melting pot.

Building Bugs With Blooms

An artist uses natural materials he finds in his yard and among florists’ discards to make lively – and lifelike – portraits of insects.

We Are All Migrants

Thought time and space, humans are a migratory species.

Reducing Plastic Waste From Food Containers

Designers and engineers are developing new food packaging materials.

Peace Like a River

For a photographer who’s drained after years of covering conflict, fly-fishing offers solace.

From Tank to Table

The sustainable future is now, with fish farms feeding plants that grow without soil.

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