National Geographic August 2018


The Science of Sleep

Though slumber may look like an idle state, new science reveals that our brains aren’t less active when we sleep – just differently active. On a good night, we’ll cycle repeatedly through several stages, each with distinct qualities and purpose.

Poisoning Africa

To stop predators that kill livestock, Kenya’s herders put out toxic bait – and end up poisoning the ecosystem.

Butterfly Catchers

Winged beauties and up on a black market.

Historic Whalers

Remains of a Basque galleon shed light on whalers’ life and work.

Health Care Crisis

Yemen’s war makes it harder and costlier to get medical treatment.

Endangered Birds

When one-of-a-kind species are on the verge of extinction, what persuades people to save them? Maybe the right images.

Are We as Awful as We Act Online?

It’s not human nature that sparks mean posts and tweets. But evolution does play a role.

Earth-Friendly Transit

Transportation systems help cities stem pollution, increase livability.

An Image’s Impact

They shared a photo to warn of climate threats to wildlife but the message got sidetracked.

Coral Reef Loss

Rising sea surface temperatures cause coral bleaching and death at landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef.

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