National Geographic August 1918


Bringing the World to Our Foreign- Language Soldiers: How a Military Training Camp is Solving a Seemingly Unsurmountable Problem by Using the Geographic
At Camp Kearny, California, the author describes the challenges and rewards of cramming a six- week language class into three days, using charts and pictures drawn from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC issues.
The British Take Baku
No military operation of British forces in the Near East has been of greater importance than the occupation of Baku, which produces four- fifths of all the oil produced in Russia.
Our Littlest Ally
One of Europe’s smallest nations, and the world’s oldest republic, San Marino resides amid the peaks of the Italian Apennines like an ancient fortress, where it has maintained its sovereignty through the turbulence of European history.
The Ukraine, Past and Present
A history of domination – – by the Poles, the Lithuanians, and finally the Russians – – has left this land of Cossack traditions a difficult place to fathom. Part of Russia since the18th- century, Ukrainians exhibit a distinct national character that sep
Recent Observations in Albania
The Albanians – – a people regarded as the most ancient race of southeastern Europe – – have a dark history of blood feuds. Hopeful signs suggest, however, that light is coming to Albania.
The Acorn, a Possibly Neglected Source of Food
Long valued by the Indian tribes of North America and turned to by Europeans in times of scarcity, the acorn is highly nutritious and cooks up into fine bread and other foods.

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