National Geographic April 2018

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Skin Deep (Black and White)

What is race? Science tells us there is no genetic basis for it. Instead it’s largely a made-up label, used to define and separate us.

What Divides Us

Human beings are wired at birth to distinguish Us from Them and to favor our own groups. Can science help us bridge the divides?

Streets In His Name

More than a thousand streets across the world bear Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr’s name. How do these roads reflect the civil rights icon’s values and teachings?

Dawn of White Minority

The demographic changes rippling across America are fueling anxiety among some whites.

The Stop

Traffic Stops – the most common interation between police and the public – are a flash point in the debate over race.

A Place of Their Own

Historically black colleges are seeing a surge in enrollment and activism.

Colors of Matrimony

The growing acceptance of relationships across racial and ethnic lines can be seen at a New York City marriage bureau.

Resistance Reimagined

An artist reenacts historic scenes from the black struggle for freedom. The times and places differ; the resolve is the same.


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2 reviews for National Geographic April 2018

  1. Jonathon G. Dewald, MD

    Prescient. It was timely at the time of publication but now, in July 2020 with the country on fire with BLM demonstrations and non-brown Americans hungry to perhaps right the wrongs of Jim Crow to now, there is much in this NG issue to help all Americans understand how races differ and, especially, how similar we are. Proving that racial mixing is chronic and accelerating without disastrous consequence can be reassuring to those in places like Hazleton, PA who right wing commentators say was overtaken by an invasion of Latinos when the reality, as described in this issue of NG, was that the Latinos filled a vacuum as whites fled unemployment and underemployment, essentially saving the city from a slow death. NG points out how uncomfortable the whites are about being a minority but many did stay and are grumbling in place still today.

  2. Tina

    I first came across this issue at my father-in-law’s house a couple years ago. The finding of greater genetic variation among the peoples of Africa than between, say, an African and a European, as well as the fact that race is a social construct, were revolutionary to me. I revisit these concepts from time to time in my head as I no longer have access to the issue. Hope this gets restocked soon!

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